Scott B. Bomar

The Other Side of Bakersfield:  1950s & 60s Boppers & Rockers from 'Nashville West'

Producers: Scott B. Bomar and Richard Weize
Album notes: Scott B. Bomar

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* Grammy-nominated release - Best Album Notes

 "Los Angeles-based music writer Scott B. Bomar has done it again, packaging music and words in a pair of compilations that offer new insights into the development of the Bakersfield Sound."
- Robert Price, The Bakersfield Californian 

"Scott B. Bomar lays out the details of this complicated story in his liner notes, which also include a terrific track-by-track overview, but the broad strokes are apparent....This wildly entertaining disc shows how hustlers, rockabilly cats, Western swing crooners, and savvy guitar players wound up constructing what the sound of Bakersfield became."
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine

CD digipac with 52-page booklet. Over two volumes, we spotlight The Other Side Of Bakersfield, highlighting the city's artists and independent labels that dared to indulge their rocking impulses. From familiar names like Buck Owens and Red Simpson, to collector favorites like Bill Carter and Al Hendrix, this is the story of the rockin' side of the town that went on to forge its own musical subgenre. Many of the tracks are released on CD here for the first time. With detailed liner notes, including track-by-track commentary by Scott B. Bomar, biographical details about the artists, and a plethora of photos, these carefully compiled collections are a treasure trove of goodies for fans of the Bakersfield Sound, 1950s and '60s era hillbilly boppers, and red-hot rockabilly.

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"As chronicled in Scott B. Bomar’s excellent liner notes, two elements ruled the music scene in Bakersfield: volume and beat....The sound quality on both volumes is top-notch, especially considering that many of the tracks were sourced from rare, decades-old 45s....Whether motivated by pure, pointy-headed historical curiosity or the desire throw down a hoedown in your living room, both volumes of The Other Side of Bakersfield are worth grabbing for a good time on a Saturday night."
- Randy Fox, The Nashville Scene

"This is indeed part of the forgotten era in Bakersfield. For a brief moment, the town was overrun with rockabilly cats and country grifters trying to strike it rich yesterday and this dynamite compilation collects all those oddballs, making for a vital piece of popular music history."
- All Music