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Scott B. Bomar: media

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Following are links to articles covering a few of the projects with which Scott has recently been involved.

Rock Reads: Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock
11-2014 / by Kevin Wierzbicki
"A real treasure trove for fans of Southern rock, Southbound is also a great primer for those who enjoy classics like "Flirtin' with Disaster" and "Freebird" and wat to dig a little deeper."

Southbound book review on the "Curled Up with a Good Book" blog
11-2014 / by Steven Rosen
"a superbly-written and researched book....This is the defining book on all things Southern rock."

Nashville native Scott Bomar pens history of Southern Rock
10-16-2014 / By Peter Cooper
"a sprawling gem of a book. . . . the best-available literary encapsulation of Southern Rock."

Long-Haired Country Boys
10-15-2014 / by Randy Fox
”The artistry and innovations these musicians brought to rock music are often overlooked, casualties of persistent and pernicious prejudices about the South. Bomar tackles those oversights directly, building a case for the importance and inclusiveness of a style that sought to embrace the most admirable aspects of Southern life and culture while rejecting old bigotries. . . . Southbound gives the stories of individual bands as well as the history of a truly American music.”

Get Down in the Details - Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock
10-12-2014 / by Liza Mitchell
“Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock explores the good, the bad and the dirty in this gritty but immaculately researched trip through history. It starts at the beginning and traces the footprints of the southern rock giants that carved the path for new generations of artists and fans to follow.

Southbound Review - rated A+
by Jeb Wright
“Scott B. Bomar is truly the Expert in the Field of this often overlooked, yet musically-rich genre. . . . Bottom Line:  This guy knows his stuff and he's shared it in a one-of-a-kind and amazing book. Buy this one, load up the iPod with your favorite Southern Rock artists, and prepare to be amazed.”

Record Collector magazine
The Ballad Of Rebel Rock: Review of Soutbound
9-17-2014 / by Randy Fox
“With concise prose and an eye for important details, Bomar packs an incredible amount of information into tightly written chapters, while also tearing down many persistent and pernicious music history memes. Beyond the writing, Southbound is also a beautifully designed book that fully lives up to its title as an “illustrated history,” boasting dozens of band photos, album sleeves, label shots, and concert posters. It’s essential reading for the most hardcore fan of ‘redneck’ rock and the neophyte rebel rouser.”

Houston Press

Southern Rock Gets a New Bible in "Southbound"
9-5-2014 / by Bob Ruggiero
“Southern rock . . . finally gets its comprehensive Bible in Scott B. Bomar's Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock. Insanely detailed with band bios, rare live and publicity photos, and chapters giving the context of Southern rock in both the greater world of music and its '70s heyday, Southbound covers the genre's giants (Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top), mid-level players (Marshall Tucker Band, Atlanta Rhythm Section) and more obscure groups (Cowboy, Grinderswitch).”

Scott B. Bomar puts a face on Southern rock with the new book, Southbound.
9-4-2014 / by Michael Buffalo Smith
“Scott B. Bomar has delivered a fitting tribute to an often overlooked musical genre that more than deserves this type of homage. . . . Southbound is an essential for any lover of Southern rock as well as for anyone wishing to explore the rich musical heritage of the Southland. Highly recommended.”

The Great Tragic History of Southern Rock is Revealed in 'Southbound'
9-4-2014 / by Jedd Beudoin
“Southern rock is often maligned and misunderstood and Scott B. Bomar’s illustrated history on the topic gives readers a new appreciation of the music. It’s an excellent read on a topic that some may come to kicking and screaming. . . . Bomar has an impressive grasp on each act’s discography and history and has researched the topic thoroughly. True to its title, this is an illustrated history with numerous photos that reveal as much of the story as the words do, making for a rare and impressive marriage that makes Southbound one of the best music-themed books of the year.

Macon Telegraph
'Southbound' Provides Insight into Southern Rock History
8-17-2014 / by Phillip Ramati
“Imagine if everything ever written about Southern rock was boiled down to its essence -- and combined into one big book. . . . Besides the musical significance of Southern rock, Bomar also investigates the cultural impact the genre had across the rest of the country.”

Music Tomes
Southbound with Scott B. Bomar
8-8-2014 / by Eric Banister
"Southern Rock is a wide term that often covers a wide range of acts. To document the music it takes a good sized volume, and that's what Scott B. Bomar has given us."

New Bakersfield Set from Bear Family Records
7-18-2014 / by Sarah Skates"
The detailed liner notes written and compiled by Nashville native Scott B. Bomar includes track-by-track commentary, artist biographies, and rare photos." 

Rhythm & Booze: Bear Family Records Reveals the Other Side of Bakersfield [Review]
7-17-2014 / by Randy Fox
"Whether motivated by pure, pointy-headed historical curiosity or the desire to throw a hoedown in your living room, both volumes of The Other Side of Bakersfield are worth grabbing for a good time on a Saturday night."

Discs Serve Up Some Less Familiar Sound
7-11-2014 / by Robert Price
"Los Angeles-based music writer Scott B. Bomar has done it again, packaging music and words in a pair of compilations that offer new insights into the development of the Bakersfield Sound." 

Red Simpson release selected among All Music Guide's "Favorite Box Sets of 2012."
1-6-2013 / by AMG Staff
"Bear Family offered three typically excellent country box sets [including] the complete recordings of truck-driving country king Red Simpson."

CoMu's Panel on the Women of West Coast Country Reveals A Hidden Chapter of Hillbilly History

12-13-2012 / by Randy Fox
"As part of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's ongoing exhibit, The Bakersfield Sound: Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and California Country, that story will unfold this Saturday in a special panel, "California Angels: Women of West Coast Country," which will feature an impressive lineup of female country singers that encompasses decades of the Golden State's country music history and styles....From the very beginning of the California music scene in the heady years after World War II, the role of women on the West Coast differed from their counterparts in the Southeast. According to Scott B. Bomar, country music historian and the moderator of Saturday's panel, 'As a general rule, the West Coast acts tended to be more lively and aggressive with a harder edge.'"

Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine chose the Red Simpson box set as his #1 favorite reissue of 2012 on his personal blog site.
12-13-2012 / by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
"There were no reissues that I enjoyed more than Bear Family's complete box of truck driving country king Red Simpson."

Best of 2012 Critics Picks for box sets, including the Red Simpson collection
11-19-2012 / by Ben Ratliff
"If you like underdog stories and 18-wheelers, make room in your life for this boxed set. In the Bakersfield hard-country scene of the 1960s Buck Owens was clearly the boss: bandleader, singer, songwriter, publisher, celebrity. But in the circle of creativity around him there was Red Simpson, a singer-songwriter who took his own talent much less seriously, and almost accidentally ended up as one of the four giants of truck-driving music. (The others were Dave Dudley, Red Sovine and Dick Curless, none of whom had Mr. Simpson’s diffident charm or heartbreaking ballad voice.) At the instigation of the producer Ken Nelson, he pumped out hauling-related LPs for Capitol through the 1960s and ’70s, including a genuinely tear-inducing Christmas album and a collection of tracks from the often misunderstood point of view of the highway patrolman. All that is here: 165 songs, 26 of them previously unissued, and a 108-page biography by Scott B. Bomar, drawing on interviews with Mr. Simpson — who still lives in Bakersfield — and others, charting power relationships and giving a second-tier man his due."

Article highlighting the Country Music Hall of Fame's "Women of West Coast Country" panel.
11-23-2012 / by Sarah Wyland
"The panel discussion, titled California Angels: Women of West Coast Country, will feature  Kay Adams, Lorrie Collins, Rosie Flores, Rose Lee Maphis and Country Music Hall of Fame member Jean Shepard.  Moderated by California-based music journalist Scott B. Bomar, the women will discuss how the California country music scene shaped their careers."

4 star review of "Hello, I'm Red Simpson" in Mojo
7-2012 / by Max Decharne
"Five discs of solid gold 1960s and '70s Bakersfield truck-drivin' country."

Good review of "Hello, I'm Red Simpson"
6-2012 / by Howard Cockburn
"A very thorough text from Scott B. Bomar, photographs from Red himself and the usual extensive discography provide the listener with everything he or she needs to enjoy the music."

"Hello, I'm Red Simpson" review
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
"...consistently and thoroughly satisfying. And that's why the five discs of Hello, I'm Red Simpson are by no means overkill: through its seven hours there are no dead spots, the music is always moving forward, always the perfect soundtrack for long treks on the wide-open highway."


"March shaping up as Red Simpson Month"
3-3-2012 / by Robert Price"

"The boxed set...isn't merely a collection of every song Simpson ever recorded for a major label, both in his truck-driving and non-truck-driving professional incarnations, it's also an in-depth biography of the singer-songwriter. The term "liner notes" hardly suffices for the hardbound, 108-page coffee-table-caliber text that accompanies the recordings.  Author Scott Bomar....did much more than write the profile of Simpson. He tracked down a vault of photos and, perhaps most challenging, located thought-to-be-extinct music tracks that even Simpson didn't own."

"Red Simpson singing strong in Oildale"
3-18-2012 / by Carla Meyer

"Industry Ink"
- announcing the launch of 4th and State Music
3-21-2012 / by Sarah Skates
"Scott B. Bomar has launched 4th and State Music Services offering music licensing, copyright research, historical research, online content creation, and organization services such as cataloging masters. He recently produced a 5-CD set for Bear Family Records featuring the music of Bakersfield, CA artist Red Simpson, and penned the accompanying coffee table book. He will moderate a panel March 24 at the opening of the Country Music Hall of Fame’s “Bakersfield Sound” exhibit. The Nashville native is son of publisher Woody Bomar, and is based in Los Angeles but available for work nationwide. His career most recently included time at Universal Music Publishing. Reach him at"

"The Buck Starts Here: Music Row's archrival, the Bakersfield Sound, occupies the Country Music Hall of Fame" 
3-22-2012 / by Randy Fox

"Like a country song, Nashville and Bakersfield kiss, make up"

3-22-2012 / by Robert Price


"Twang Increases With Country Music Hall of Fame's Bakersfield Sound Exhibit"
3-23-2012 / by CMT staff

"The stars - all of them - are recognized at opening of Bakersfield Sound exhibit in Nashville"
3-23-2012 / by Robert Price

"The Bakersfield Sound gets its due in Nashville"
3-26-2012 / by Randy Lewis

"Country Music Foundation book beautifully backs 'The Bakersfield Sound' exhibit
3-27-2012 / by Jim Bessman


"The Fabulous Bakersfield Boys"
3-28-2012 / by Jim Fusilli


"Photo Roundup" - spotlights the Bakersfield Sound events at the Hall of Fame on 3-24-12
4-3-2012 / by Michelle Ross Stephens

"Country Hall Highlights Bakersfield Sound"

4-6-2012 / by Chuck Dauphin