Scott B. Bomar

The Cokers
We're Gonna Bop (CD)

Reissue Producers: Scott B. Bomar and Richard Weize
Album Notes: Scott B. Bomar

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"Their ability to flit between scaled-down big-band pop, hillbilly, country boogie, and proto-rockabilly is impressive and does capture a particular era in the '50s, right before Bakersfield changed the dynamics of Californian country....once this starts alternating between Al and Sandy tracks, the range and finesse of the Cokers start to impress."
- All Music

"A fine collection"
- Vintage Rock magazine

California's Coker Family is best remembered for two rockabilly classics of the 1950s: patriarch Alvis Coker's "Don't Go Baby (Don't Go)" and his daughter Alvadean's "We're Gonna Bop." Both songs were written by Alvis' wife Geraldine, who played bass in the family band. With son Sandy on guitar and fiddle, daughter Linda on piano, and youngest daughter Carolyn on vocals and percussion, the six members of the Coker Family were a popular staple of the rockabilly-infused West Coast country scene of the mid-1950s. Alvadean and Sandy were regular performers on the influential Town Hall Party, and the Cokers - in various incarnations - recorded a total of 30 songs for both the Abbott label in Los Angeles and the Decca label in Nashville.